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Bodies cannot hydrate on water alone. They need something that replaces the essential minerals they lose on the job. Sqwincher is a great-tasting hydration solution with a variety of flavors and configurations.
Gatorade provides a solution for workers fighting dehydration and heat related illnesses on the job. Low in sodium and replaces electrolytes lost during sweating. Available in a variety of flavors and configurations.
From water coolers and dispensers to personal coolers and carry bags. Check out our newest selction of products to keep your drinks cold. Heat stress prevention is key for outdoor workers and those working in high heat conditions.
Facility Cooling
Circulation fans, floor fans, drum fans and many more options available. With the right fan configuration you can push the hot air out and keep cool air flowing at your facility.
UVA rays contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world. Be part of prevention by providing sunscreen options that protect worker's skin from the sun.
Fall Protection Harnesses
Fall protection begins with body wear. Today's selections of full body harnesses offer comfort, convenience and upgraded features. Don't forget to complete your fall protection with lanyards, SRLs and anchor devices.
Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut resistant gloves are extensively used in industry, construction and food processing. The introduction of new technologies have allowed cut resistant gloves to be more economical and offer a wide variety of cut level protections.
Coated Gloves
Coated gloves offer dexterity with a variety of abrasion, tear and chemical protection. Various styles of coated gloves extend protection coverage over the palm and back of hands. View our extensive product line of different glove liners and coatings to best use with your job related hazards.
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Solopol® GFX™ is the world's only heavy duty foaming hand cleaner with scrubbers suspended...
The endoskeleton frame offers a polymer gel into the shoulder and waist pads for added support and cushioning...
Safety of tools and equipment at heights involves the organization and securing of these objects, whether...
Designed and developed as a breathable cut resistant glove, MaxiCut® combines cut protection with...
Ideal for general assembly of oily parts, metal handling, fishing and machine operation. 12 dozen per...
Double wall, vacuum insulated tumbler, that provides superior insulation for both hot and cold liquids....
Featured Blog Articles
Compliance is the First Step on the Safety Ladder

Currently, under OSHA standard 1910.27 cages are required on ladders where the climbs are over 20 feet high.  In OSHA’s new standard (OSHA standard 1910.28) taking effect 11/19/2018, a ladder will not be required to have fall protection until their height is over 24 feet (24’-0-1/4” requires fall protection).

Safety in Work Zones

National Work Zone Awareness Week each April brings to light the number of injuries and fatalities that take place in construction work zones. As much as work zones can be stressful for commuters in day to day operations, your hurriedness and misjudgments are not worth more than another person’s life. But if you look at all the data, the actual life in jeopardy is your own – as well as your passengers. It’s time to look at how you drive when approaching construction zones a little differently.

Employee Engagement and Safety Culture Success

Management commitment and involvement strongly influence employee interest and culture in the safety process.  Without strong evidence that managers value safety and health, you’ll have a hard time getting employees to be involved in the process.  

Let’s look at three safety cultures: ZILCH, NO TOLERANCE and ZERO INJURY.

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